There is no way to be a PERFECT mother but a million ways to be a GOOD one.


Hey there mama, I see you.

The mama that just saw two pink lines. She is full of excitement and joy yet also fear and insecurity. 

The mama that will give birth soon. Maybe for the first time or the fourth time. She is tired and exhausted.  Beyond ready to meet this sweet baby.

The mama that just gave birth. Her eyes are swollen and burning from being up all night. Every part of her is aching and sore. She is wondering how she is going to make it while staring in wonder at the beautiful baby in her arms. 

The mama that desperately wants to breastfeed. She has read all the books. Listened to all the advice that women have given her. Her baby won’t latch. She is sore and it is painful. She feels like a failure. She doesn’t want to give up but doesn’t know what to do.

Mama, you are not meant to mom alone! I am a Registered Nurse with over 6 years of experience in postpartum care and breastfeeding education and a mom of four. I cover everything you need to know  to make pregnancy, birth and postpartum easier!

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Postpartum Care
Essential Products for Moms When Breastfeeding Hurts.

Hi, I'm Heather


+Mama to four

+Postpartum RN/Breastfeeding Educator

+Running on Jesus and coffee

+You are not meant to mom alone!