28 week bumpdate

28 week Bumpdate!

Hey guys! I wanted to start doing weekly bumpdates to document the rest of my pregnancy! Mainly for me because this pregnancy is flying by and I am NOT doing a very good job of making many memories!

But ya know, they say it’s like that after the third or fourth. So If you are like me and you are 28 weeks and have only taken  2 bump pictures and not done a SINGLE thing to prepare for your new arrival . . .welcome to the club.

Many days with how busy the older kids keep me and trying to wrangle the three year old I forget I am pregnant! I remember with my previous pregnancies each day seemed to crawl by as I waited to meet the sweet face that was growing inside my belly.

Patience is not my best virtue and my Mama will tell you! But this time around the days are flying out from under me and it is hard to believe by the end of the summer this sweet babe really will be in my arms! So here we go: 28 week bumpdate    This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link.

How’s Baby:

I have been using the Ovia Pregnancy Tracker on my phone to keep up with baby’s progress. Unfortunately it is only for iPhone users and not available for Android devices. It is free to use however!

So according to my app baby is now the size of a coconut (although my uterus is saying otherwise!) and is about 16″ tall and 2.5 lbs. Baby is getting better at controlling his own body temperature and is putting on more and more fat! Baby can now dream, cough and is practicing breathing!

This baby is the only baby that I have carried that I have felt have hiccups. None of my other kids did in utero. Also this baby moves ALOT!! All day and probably all night. So active!!

How is Mom:

Weight Gain: I purposefully try not to weigh myself unless necessary but just for you guys I got on the scale! I was 128 lb pre-pregnancy . . . . and today I am 143. A 15 lb weight gain so far! My goal is to stay between the recommended 25-35 lbs but I always tend to gain the most weight right at the end.

Fitness Routine: I have been following Kim Perry’s Fit Pregnancy Guide since the beginning of my second trimester and I LOVE IT! She has designed quick (30 min max for me) and effective home workouts that are safe for mom and baby while still making me work up a sweat and feel good!

I plan to follow her Abs after Baby course as well. She has ALOT of emphasis on protecting/strengthening your core during and after pregnancy to avoid diastasis recti. She uses TVA breathing and various moves to engage your core and strengthen those muscles. I aim to workout 3-4 times a week  but I also listen to my body and rest when needed. This weeks workouts : TWO . . . because life. 


  • Occasional Braxton Hicks. They get worse if I am dehydrated. I have to drink about 2-3 liters of water a day to keep my BH under control and keep my uterus from being irritable and hurting. 
  • Sleeplessness- Just started this week. It is harder to move around in the bed, especially because I am flat on my back or sides. I wear sating shorts in bed to help me slide around easier in the bed. I often wake up feeling like I haven’t slept at all. 
  • Frequent restroom breaks- ALL. DAY. AND. NIGHT. Oh I forgot to mention, this time around I have ZERO bladder control and pee on myself if I sneeze or even have the thought that I might have to pee.

Other than that I have been very blessed to not have any other pregnancy symptoms bothering me, although this time around I am finding it harder to bend over earlier in pregnancy than before. 


All things that taste like salt/vinegar. I found an awesome recipe for cucumbers soaked in apple cider vinegar with salt/pepper. All things fresh, salads, watermelon, grapes. Now I am making it sound like I eat SUPER healthy . . .wrong! In the last few days I have eaten Mcdonald’s burgers and fries, a loaded burrito (out of this world!! Not saying I won’t send my hubby to get more later!) and Zaxby’s boneless wings. OMG I am feeling it, I usually do not eat this way but I have been caving!. Gotta clean it up this week… I have my glucose tolerance test on Wed! Yikes!! Did I mention PB&J??? No . . .mmmmmm.

Aversions: None.

Maternity Style:28 week bumpdate Loving these Maternity shorts a friend let me borrow paired with loose flowy tanks or fitted ones.28 week bumpdate I am also a HUGE fan of dresses right now! I snagged a few off of Amazon that have worked SO well with the bump!28 week bumpdate I had my mom cut them off and alter them though because…well.. I’m 5’2″, I live in Georgia…and it’s the devils crotch down here. 28 week bumpdateMama needs air flow to the right places.. don’t act like you don’t know what I am talking about!28 week bumpdate I also bought one maternity swimsuit off of Amazon which is a dream  and a friend let me borrow the other one from Motherhood Maternity that fits oh so well!

28 week bumpdate

28 week bumpdate

What I have bought: The ONLY thing I have bought for this baby is a JJ Cole wrap carrier that a friend recommended to me I bought the size small. I liked the way this wrap provided support for her baby and kept them close without being too loose and stretchy. I never used my last wrap because I felt like it didn’t provide enough support for the baby for me to be hands free. This one also has back support, easily slides on like a t-shirt  and no tying involved although an extra strip of fabric is included for extra support as pictured. Can’t wait to use it!

Most excited about: I LOVED breastfeeding my last baby and as you can tell by my occupation its kind of my thing. The bond that you get to experience with your baby while nursing them is unlike anything I have ever felt before. To start that journey again is going to be incredible. However I do know that every baby and experience is different so I really hope all goes as planned and it is as easy with this one as the last. 

Least Excited: I have to be honest, I have some fears. I had a homebirth with my last child and ended up pushing for fours hours…naturally. He ended up just being in a funky position that was really difficult to push him out. He was also almost 9 lbs. Now some mamas can handle that . . . I lived to tell the tale but . . .I’m not sure I can do that again. I’m not sure what my birth plan is right now. While I want to go natural this go around I also want the option of pain relief to be there if I need it. 

I also am nervous about the transition of going from 3 to 4. We have never had children this close in age so the fact that most days I’m just surviving on Jesus and coffee with my 3 year old and we thought we were brave enough o add a newborn into the mix terrifies me.

Our older two children are 12 and 10. But you see the 10 year old is my stepdaughter. I met her when she was 4 and my son was 6. So I have never really experienced 2 children being close in age.

I’m sure I will be fine but. . .I am very type A. You know, I have my list, I have checked it twice. We have a schedule and I am a basket case when I don’t have some kind of order to my routine. I love to control things.

This is going to force me outside of that comfort zone. Giving up control to the whirlwind of the newborn phase but this time having a “threenager’ in the mix. Yall, pray for me!




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