29 week bumpdate

29 Week Bumpdate

How is baby:

29 week bumpdate

Baby is about 16 inches tall, weighs in at almost 3 lbs and is close to the size of a pineapple according to Ovia Pregnancy Tracker. Baby still has a lot of fat to accumulate over the next few weeks but as he continues to grow his movements may become less jerky and violent. (says who?!?)

How is mom:

Weight gain: I weighed in at 141.5 this week… ???

Fitness Routine: I am continuing to use Kim Perry’s Fit Pregnancy guide. I started doing the third trimester workouts this week and I am really loving them! They are difficult enough to really challenge me and make me work up a sweat without making me feel like I am overdoing it. She demonstrates the moves all the way through one time and then encourages you to either complete 1-2 more circuits or stop at the first one if that is what you are comfortable with. I usually try to complete 2-3 rounds of each circuit.

29 week bumpdate

Symptoms: This week I have been really tired. Unusually tired. I feel sluggish and have to push myself to get anything done. I had an episode earlier in the week of extreme pelvic pain. At first I thought it was due to being dehydrated, which is becoming easy to do given that it has been 100 degrees here the last few days. I drank about 2-3 liters of water and it never went away. I happened to have an appointment with my MD that day, so I reported it to her. Turns out that baby was just in a really funky position that put a lot of pressure on the cervix/pelvis. She recommended I try a pelvic support band, so I am going to try Baobe Maternity Belly Bands. I have heard fantastic things about them so I cannot wait to try it out!

Cravings: Hamburgers/Hot dogs . . . . basically anything you could put ketchup or mustard on.

Aversions: None.

What have I bought: Nothing this week. I am going to put together a list this week of what I need to buy or prepare for baby’s arrival. Things off the top of my head that I know I need to get soon are my breast pump (I’m really wanting to get the Spectra S1. I want a pump that does NOT have to be plugged into the wall this time around. It was such a bummer last time having to find an outlet each time I needed to pump.). Also need to look into getting cloth diapers. (We cloth diapered my last son and want to continue with this baby. I use disposables for the first couple of weeks while the newborn poops are numerous and then switch over. I prefer prefolds and covers!) Also my sister has all of my baby clothes from my last son (she had a boy right after me) so getting them back and getting them washed are on the to-do list! I’m sure there are lots more things to do that I will update you on in a whole other blog post!

Most excited: Baby will be here so soon! It is so crazy to think in just a few short weeks that I will get to meet our little guy! We have settled on a name as well which is SO EXCITING!! I will reveal that when he is born. It is always so hard for my husband and I to decide on names for our children and this time was NO different. I think it is such a strong wonderful name that will go perfectly with out other children’s names.

29 week bumpdate

Least excited: At my last appointment I did my 1 hour glucose screening to determine if I was at risk for gestational diabetes. Well . . I failed! So what does that mean? It means further testing has to be completed. I am actually sitting in my OB’s office completing my 3 hour glucose screening. I had to fast prior to coming in and they drew my fasting levels. Then I had to drink the glucose drink (which is like drinking an orange Fanta on steroids) then they check my blood every hour for the next 3 hours. During the test I’m not allowed to leave so here I am knocking out this blog post! If I fail this test I will be diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. If you are diagnosed with GD it puts mama at higher risk for high blood pressure and preeclampsia, premature birth and higher risk for c section. For baby it increases the risk of excessive birth weight, low blood sugars at birth, shoulder dystocia and type 2 diabetes later in life. I have not had GD with my other two boys so this makes me really nervous. Especially because this pregnancy I have been so diligent about exercising and eating well. I did worse with my last two pregnancies with diet and exercise, so how could I fail this time around?!? Well just goes to show that we are only in control of so much. All I can do is the best I know how to do and I will continue to do that day by day. I will keep you all updated on my results and how what my treatment plan will be if I am considered a gestational diabetic… RIP CARBS.

Were we trying?

Yes! We planned this pregnancy and our last. My first son was conceived when I was 19 and not planned but very much a welcome surprise! However while actually trying to get pregnant these last two time and trying to plan these pregnancies I brought to light the infertility struggle of MANY! I was SO ignorant. Because I got pregnant with my first by surprise I did not know how HARD it was to get pregnant! There are so many emotions when you decide to have a child. You plan, you prep, you try, then you WAIT . . . I think I have mentioned how type A, impatient and controlling I can be. This was a hard lesson for this mama. In the big picture it did not take me long to conceive our boys. Our second took 5 months and our third took 4 months. During these months I learned SO much about my body and how conception happens…you would think I know this . . . I’m a postpartum nurse! I also learned the struggle that so many go through when conception doesn’t happen right away. There is such a rollercoaster of emotions that a woman goes through EACH and EVERY month. There is NO avoiding it. These mamas are STRONG, PERSISTANT and RESILIANT. They face a battle every day that most of us will never understand. You are told to just “let go and it will happen”, “you are worrying too much”, “it will happen when it is supposed to”. Yet they are also checking their basal temps every morning, tracking, recording, looking at cervical mucus WAY more than they want to and scheduling sex like a BOSS to make this baby happen. Somewhere along the way the fun and joy gets sucked out of the process. It leads to fights with their spouses. They are holding out hope and reigniting hope every month only to battle disappointment and pain. If this has been your struggle know that you are NOT alone. There are so many other mamas that are right there with you.

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