30 Week Bumpdate

Guys, I feel like the countdown is ON! We are only a few short weeks away from meeting this precious soul and I cannot be more excited!

How is baby:

Baby is close to 17 inches and about the size of a cantaloupe according to Ovia. He is supposed to be putting about on about a half pound a week until he is born, He is estimated to be about 3.5 lbs. He should be moving to a head down position soon!

How is Mom:

Weight Gain: This week I weigh 144.5 lbs.

Fitness Routine: Still loving Kim Perry’s Fit Pregnancy Routine. Her third trimester workouts are short enough that I can tolerate them yet still have my muscles on fire! To be honest though, I only got 2 workouts in this week as I have had ALOT more symptoms than usual that have slowed me down and made me pay attention to what my body is trying to tell me.

Symptoms: ALOT of pelvic pain, like little dude-your-foot-is-in-my-vagina pain! There have been days where I feel like I can barely move, and if I do it is SUPER SLOW! My doctor suggested a pregnancy support belt so I got the Baobei ProBump Pregnancy Belly Support Band in Blush! Guys, if your looking for a belly support band this is it! Not only is it gorgeous and soft but really lifts your belly and takes a lot of the pressure off of the pelvis! This came in the mail on a day I had to work a 12 hour shift. I saw that it got delivered through an email and could not WAIT to get home and try it! I put it on and felt instant relief after being on my feet for 12 long hours! They advertise it as being like a sports bra for the belly, at first I was skeptical if it really supported you in that way. Well, I’m definitely a believer now!

Cravings: Not a specific craving. I literally just want to eat. ALL. THE. TIME.

Aversions: None.

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Maternity Style: I ordered this dress from Amazon weeks ago in a size small. I had to return it for an extra small because it was HUGE on me! It dragged the floor and just did not look great. I got the extra small in the mail just a few days ago and it does not disappoint! It is the perfect size and SO comfy! This dress would take you all the way from the first trimester and trying to hide a little bump to third trimester and trying to find something to fit the bump!!

What have I bought: Still Nothing! But I do have a few things in my Amazon cart that I plan to purchase in the next few day for baby and myself. I saw a mom with this diaper bag while I was at the appointment for my 3 hour glucose testing and fell in love with it!It was so modern and sleek I had to have it! I’m also planning to purchase these pajamas for the hospital stay based on another mamas recommendation for being nursing friendly as well as comfortable. She suggested I get them in black in case little “ahem” postpartum accidents occur. That way they don’t stain and can be worn during the whole fourth trimester! The next thing on my list is this Haaka pump! I actually got to see it in action while helping a mama breast feed. Its literally SO easy! If you are a mama that leaks on the opposite side while nursing this will save SO much milk. This mom said through using this device she was able to save weeks of breastmilk for when she returned to work without ever using a breast pump!

Most excited: I got the call that I passed my 3 hour glucose screening! I was SO nervous! I asked how badly I failed the 1 hour screening and the nurse said that the range for passing was between 60-130. My results came in at 183!!! Pro tip: Don’t eat Waffle House the night BEFORE your glucose screening.

Least Excited: This pelvic pain has really bummed me out. I am doing ALL the things I can to make it go away but sometimes it’s just there. It forces me to slow down when I am a very on-the-go person. I typically just try to power through things and mentally conquer them but this is not one of those things I can do that with or control, that’s just awesome for this type-A OCD productivity nut.

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