31/32 Week Bumpdate.

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Hey guys! The weeks, my “threenager” and life are catching up with me. I decided to combine these two weeks of bumpdates because well, I’m running behind and life happens. I thought things would calm down as my family entered summer but BOY was I wrong! Between the kids camp and volunteering at the camp all week, appointments, swim team, Father’s Day, grocery shopping and meal planning, swimming, playing with friends, tending our veggie garden and trying to keep up with workouts and learning to blog…..yeah you get the picture.31/32 week bumpdate

How Baby is Doing:

At 31 weeks baby is about 17 1/2 inches long and weighs close to 3.5 lbs! He is about the size of a head of lettuce!

At 32 weeks baby is closer to 18 inches and weighs about 4 lbs! At this point his head has hair and his skin should be filling out as he is packing on the pounds! Fingernails and toenails are formed and he may actually be sucking his thumb! He should be head down at this point but there is no guarantee.

My OB said we would not do an ultrasound to confirm if he is vertex (head down) or breech (head up) until about 36/37 weeks.

How is Mom Doing:

Weight Gain: I have gained 146lbs as of today when I was weighed at my OB/GYN. That’s up 2.5 lbs from 30 weeks.

Fitness Routine: I have just come to accept that whatever I can get done at this point is GOOD ENOUGH! I am one tired mama. I still aim for 3-4 workouts per week but I am lucky to get 2 mayyybe 3 in. Still following the same Fit Pregnancy Guide, just slowing down my movements ALOT because I have noticed my balance is now WAY OFF! Wearing my ProBump Belly Band has helped me support and protect my core while I workout, I am noticing some “coning” which at some point in pregnancy is inevitable because of muscle separation but I want to minimize that happening as much as possible.

Symptoms: Well last night I at 3 am I ate vanilla wafers in a glass of milk with a spoon, the night before I ate white cheddar Cheetos, orange juice and a slice of chocolate cake . . .just keeping it real folks.

Aversions: none

Maternity Style: Whatever fits the bump at this point. I am looking into some nursing sports bras that I can wear before baby gets here and obviously after. This will be a new item I have never invested in before so I am excited to see if they make the nursing journey easier while I am continuing with postpartum fitness once I am able. I ordered Baobei’s Nursing Bralette in Sorbet and I am currently eyeing Sweat and Milk’s Oceane Nursing Sports Bra in Noir but it is sold out in my size! I will order it when it becomes available!

What I have bought: This week I bought a few outfits from Walmart that are SUPER cute! In fact these have been one of my first outfit purchases for baby!

I bought my Haaka pump which I am really excited to use this time around since I am a leaker and I don’t want any of that precious milk going to waste!

I also received my Spectra S2 breast pump!! I cannot wait to try it out and compare it to the Medela Pump in Style which is what I used with my last son!

Most Excited About:

Now that I am pulling stuff out and getting it prepared, birth and having a newborn is quickly becoming all too real! I cannot believe we will meet this little guy soon!

I am still trying to relish the last few weeks of my last pregnancy but I will be honest, I am ready to NOT be pregnant anymore! It is getting harder by the day to take care of my other kids, especially the toddler. I am big, I am hot and I am awkward.

Least Excited About:

I have been having a really hard time with my 3 year old lately. I have been in toddler hell with him. It makes me very anxious for what the coming days are going to look like and how he will or will not adjust to it all. He has NO idea what is going on, or what will happen. He is already very jealous and possessive by nature. I wonder if this transition will make him even more so or if he will adjust well.31/32 week bumpdate

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