33/34 week bumpdate

33 & 34 Week Bumpdate.

Week 33 and 34 have been a blur! It is actually July the 4th which mean tomorrow I will be 35 weeks (facepalm).

33/34 Week Bumpdate

We are quickly approaching our “due date” which is probably just a guess date.I often find that these dates are a guess not necessarily the gospel truth. Babies do not have timers to tell you when they are done.

However if I had to guess about this baby I would guess sooner than later. Why? Check it out below!

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How is baby?

Baby could be between 17 and 19 inches long and weighs somewhere around 5 lbs!! He is packing on lots of fat and all of his major systems are developing rapidly, preparing for his entrance into this world. His lungs are maturing at a rapid rate making sure he is ready for his first few breaths! Vernix is covering his body and he should be in the vertex (head down) position getting ready to make his entrance!

How is Mom?

Weight Gain: At my appointment on Tuesday I was 149.6 lbs.

33/34 week bumpdate

Fitness Routine: I will take whatever I can get these days. I have been working out 2-3 times a week but definitely taking it slower, I am getting short of breath very easily. I am also finding if I overdo it, I will feel it hardcore in the next few days. I am having to give rest just as much priority these days. I am still using between 5-20 lbs weights in my workouts and seeing definition in my arms and legs. Having my Baobei Probump band to support my core during workouts has been great! I don’t always remember to engage my core but the band helps to remind me and support that area so I don’t cause unnecessary damage. I am excited to start Kim Perry’s Abs After Babies when it is safe for me to start working out again. Its not about getting your abs back but healing your core after delivery and working yourself up to regular exercises after having a baby without hurting yourself. It is a very gentle approach. It is designed to do at home with quick workouts that won’t take you away from what matters most!

Symptoms: A lot of fatigue! I get short of breath with minimal exertion sometimes. Pain in my ribs from my body stretching and baby getting bigger. Pelvic pain, baby is sitting LOW! Braxton Hicks contractions are a regular occurrence now. Every night I have been having mostly painless but sometimes *uncomfortable* contractions that sometimes have a pattern and regular frequency to them. they have not reached the point that I have to be checked out but it may not be long. I have to pee at least 17 times during the night. Sleep? What is that? Between peeing and trying to comfortable it’s not possible. Watching me get up and down or in and out of a car is ALL the entertainment anyone would need 🙂

Aversions: I can’t eat a whole lot or I am VERY uncomfortable!

What have I bought? These weeks I have started buying all of the things to change up baby F’s nursery. I will do a separate post to reveal the nursery décor! I found these pajamas for postpartum from Target and OMG are they comfy and SO soft!! Anything from the Stars Above line is so silky smooth and comfortable to wear. How do I know? I felt them ALL in Target!!

I also bought THE cutest  macramé pacifier clips from Amazon for baby boy.

We are going to purchase the Graco Breaze for baby F. We actually borrowed this stroller from a friend on a recent trip to Washington DC for our toddler and fell in LOVE with it. It is so lightweight and easy to use. When I found out it is part of the Graco Click Connect family, meaning that you can click your infant seat into it, I was sold!! The price point is very reasonable and its so much easier to handle than the bulky strollers that come as a set with the infant seats.

Most Excited:

My youngest son has finally started to recognize that a baby will be coming home soon and has started talking about him. I am excited to see how he reacts when little brother gets here. I mentioned in the last update that we have been struggling with him and his behavior. We spoke with our pediatrician at his well visit this week and are actually having him evaluated for sensory issues. I’m not sure that is what is really going on, but I am very unfamiliar with those kinds of things so I am willing to look further into it. Regardless he has become much easier to handle for whatever the reason. I have been trying to put more of an emphasis on good behavior and recognizing the positive within him rather than focusing on extinguishing the behavior that is troublesome. We have created some positive behavior charts that really seem to help as well.

Least Excited:

I am starting to get a little nervous about delivery. I think it is just a fear of the unknown. I am trying to let my body go into labor naturally. This will be my second VBAC but it is really not recommended to induce labor unless medically necessary because of the strain it puts on the uterus. If you have had a successful VBAC it is very likely you will succeed in having more vaginal births but the reality is, birth and babies are unpredictable. You know how well this sits with my type A, put everything in a box, check it off the to do list personality? Yeahhhh . . . regardless, I am trying to stay active and help my body to prepare for labor.

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