5 Insanely Easy End of Year Teachers Gifts

It’s that time of year again! Before I knew it the end of the school year had snuck up on me! I survived the christmas teacher’s gifts, all the “themed” weeks that required a different outfit or action to be taken by me my child and teacher’s appreciation week but somehow I have forgotten all about the END OF THE YEAR gifts!!!End of Year Teachers Gifts

Let’s face it by the end of a school year everyone is burnt out. Parents and teachers alike. My kids are lucky if they have a taco bell sauce pack with a banana and sliced cheese in their lunchbox. Gone are the days of perfectly thought out healthy bento lunch boxes. Coordinated outfits? Nope. Did I even pay attention to what they were wearing when I sent them to school? Probably not, considering I no longer wear my bra in the AM carline.

If I feel this way, how do their teachers feel? So to teachers everywhere thank you for taking care of our little blessings 8 hours a day 5 days a week! You are not only a teacher. You are a stand-in parent when we are not there, kisser of boo boos, encourager of dreams, enforcer of rules, and preacher of values. You are SO MUCH MORE than just a teacher!

So if you want to honor your child’s teacher but find yourself in that end of the year slump here are 5 insanely easy end of the year teachers gifts.


Devon at www.mamacheaps.com created a super cute printable to attach to a small manicure set and bottle of nail polish! Such a cute idea and one every teacher is sure to love! (except if said teacher is a man) You can find nail polish and the manicure set at the Dollar Store!


Thanks for Helping Me Grow EXPO-nentially This Year!

Maggie at www.smashedpeasandcarrots.com had the brilliant idea to create this printable to go with a set of EXPO markers! My child’s teacher sent out a request mid-year for another set for each child to be brought in. Often times teachers are forced to buy supplies out of their own pockets to meet the needs of their students so any extra supplies we can afford helps out!


Chick-Fila Gift Card

Diana at www.nannytomommy.com might just have THE BEST IDEA yet! She created a printable for you to attach a Chick-Fila gift card for your wonderful teacher, and who doesn’t LOVE Chick-Fila…it’s kinda my love language!


Teacher’s Poem Printable

Holly at www.productivepete.com created an adorable printable to express your love and appreciation for that fabulous teacher. You could easily use any gift card you wanted but I love the idea of gifting an Amazon gift card. They can use it on something personal or buy the supplies needed for the classroom, the possibilities are endless with Amazon!


Bless Your Sweet Hands- Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub

If you are feeling crafty this would be a great little project you and your child could do together without too much fuss! This cute idea is brought to you by Kyra and Jocelyn, a mother/daughter duo. Their blog www.caramelpotatoes.com has some of the BEST printables and ideas for all occasions.


So if you are anything like me at the end of the school year, lucky to make it out with even a smidge of sanity and needing some last minute ideas for end of the year teacher’s gifts, I hope you enjoy this round up of printables and crafts from these awesome bloggers! Let me know if you decide to use any of them and how they turn out! Keep on keepin on mama. . . only a few more weeks left!

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