About me

Hi, I’m Heather,

I’m glad you stopped by! I am a mom to 2 rambunctious boys with one more on the way soon and a bonus mom to a wonderfully spirited little girl. I am married to the love of my life. We found each other later in life but I truly believe that our footsteps were made to cross each others path EXACTLY when they did!

I am a part-time Registered Nurse that specializes in postpartum care and breastfeeding education. I have been a nurse for 10 years . I get to take care of moms and their little ones during one of the most special times of their lives. I love helping women feel confident and empowered in their roles as mothers.

It hasn’t always been this way. . .

THAT picture up there ^ ^ ^ could have turned out VERY different. I became a young mother at the age of 20. I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing. The first years of my son’s life were filled with hardship and stumbling for us both. 

You see I was a raging alcoholic and addict when I became a mother.  Be it genetics, things that happened to me that were out of my control or bad decisions of my own making that is where I ended up. 

It’s not like I had this plan. You know when you are 5 and the teacher asks you what you want to be when you grow up? I didn’t answer ” Well, I would love to be an addict, that sounds like fun.” or ” Yeah destroying everything that I touch sounds like a GREAT idea!” 

It doesn’t really matter how I got there. It matters that I was there. It matters that people loved me enough to not enable me anymore. It matters that they didn’t LOVE ME TO DEATH by allowing me to continue on that way.

When my son was 6-7 months old I got help. I went to an intensive outpatient program for 12 weeks and continued in their support group for 1-2 more years.

I learned that drugs and alcohol were only the beginning of my problem. The problem was ME. I had to learn how to handle and cope with life. 

A life worth living . . .

All I have ever wanted to be was a good mom. That was a huge motivating factor in getting sober and maintaining my sobriety.

I have been sober almost 12 years now by the grace of God and a 12 step program. 

I get to live a life that should not be my reality based on what I was doing 12 years ago. I am so glad that I got a second chance at living. I truly get to live a life second to none. 

If you had asked me what I wanted out of life when I got sober I had a very short list. 

  • Be a good mom.
  • Maybe finish school.
  • Meet someone.
  • Stay sober.

All that happened and then more. I learned who I was, what I liked and didn’t like. how to be my authentic, weird & goofy self, how to set boundaries in my life, how to be honest, consistent and reliable, how to love and respect myself as a woman and not settle for less than I deserve, how to stand firm in the face of adversity, how to be strong, how to surrender, how to love others and be a true friend, how to care about anything other than myself, how to be employable and how to be a good mama to my baby.

I was able to graduate college and began my wonderful career as a nurse going on 10 years now.

I bought my own home 5 years after I got sober.

I raised that little boy as a single mama for a good 6-7 years by myself with the help of my family. I had NO clue what I was doing. Many days I would be so tired I thought I couldn’t go on. I would cry from being overwhelmed with all of it. But we figured it out me and him. We both grew up side by side. People picked me up when I fell and carried me when I could not do it on my own.

I began to feel like I “might” know what I was doing.

Fast forward a couple of years . . .

I met the love of my life who was a TRUE gift from God. One that I waited on a very long time. We blended our families (he had a daughter from a previous marriage that he had custody of) and we began our life together. Thus began the most challenging journey I have ever been on besides getting sober.

We had baby F, the “ours” baby not long after we married and I was rocketed into being the mother of 3 children in a very short amount of time.

Again I felt like I was stumbling through motherhood and life. Hoping that I was getting this thing right. Failing ALOT along the way and having to pull myself up and try again.

You see, no one has a manual for these sorts of things. They don’t give you a three ring binder full of the wisdom, knowledge and answers you are supposed to have as a mama. Boy I wish they did. I could have used it during those years.

Where are we now?

I have been a mama collectively for almost 13 years. I have made many mistakes, I have had some mom wins, I’m confused often but I am ALWAYS searching for answers.

I know you are too mama. . . that is why I am here. Doing this. Typing out my story and experiences. The way I learn the best is from those that have gone before me. 

My heart here is to share with you ways to simplify your motherhood, answer questions you may have or not know you need to ask and provide wisdom through the journey.

So today or tonight wherever you are . . . if you are at the soccer field watching a child’s game, changing a poopy diaper, rocking a colicky baby or crying alone because this is the third time today you have lost your temper and you feel like you can’t take much more… I am here with you. 

You can do this mama! We can do it TOGETHER!

xoxo, Heather