Must Have Amazon Maternity Items

Affordable Must Have Amazon Maternity Items for Summer!


By the time my third pregnancy rolled around I had become pretty much minimalistic. I only wanted what I absolutely needed. I spent the last couple of years decluttering my home and our closets down to essential items.

What I didn’t expect was a summer pregnancy. Whoops! So much for planning right? I have had winter and spring babies so my wardrobe was not prepared for a Georgia summer pregnancy.

Where did I turn? Amazon Prime of course! I refused to buy maternity items from pricey boutiques and stores I would only wear a few times as this is definitely my last pregnancy.

This is a list of the best steals I have found on Amazon that are SUPER affordable!

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1. Off the Shoulder One Piece Swimsuit.

This is such a comfy swimsuit and totally flattering! It has lots of room to grow and runs true to size! You can remove the straps for another look as well. 

2. V-neck maxi Dress.

I love the look this roomy maxi dress has! There is a lot of room for growth, so it can take you all the way through your pregnancy! From first trimester bloats to the late third trimester when NOTHING fits the bump!

3. Boho Floral Dress.

This boho floral maxi dress is beautiful and flows perfectly over a growing bump. Its also loose and breezy! Perfect for those hot summer days!

4. Distressed Denim Shorts.

These denim shorts are adorable! The band is soft and while its not a full panel could be a blessing since it’s not yet another layer covering the bump adding to the heat! 

5. Under the Bump Undies.

Once you reach a certain point in pregnancy, regular undies are just not going to cut it. Or they do, cut into you that is. I cannot wear my regular undies due to them rolling down or just being uncomfortable. These are perfect for a growing bump!

6.  Belly Support Band. 

I just received this band and I am just sorry I did not get it sooner! It has relieved SO much pelvic and back pain. It supports me perfectly when I am on my feet for long 12 hour shifts!

7. Maternity/Nursing Bras.

The bump isn’t the only thing growing these days and the girls need room to move and breath with good support! I love these bras that will also be great for breastfeeding and are super feminine

8. Bodycon Dress.

I love the way this dress hugs my curves yet as a mom of 3 is still long enough to be functional chasing a toddler around!

9. V-neck Maxi Dress/Nursing Friendly.

I LOVE this dress! It is so comfortable and can be worn after my baby is born and I can nurse with ease!


10. Criss Cross T shirt.

I love the simplicity of these shirts for everyday wear with just a little detail to make it stylish and able to be paired with SO many other items!
Affordable Summer Pregnancy Items.


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2 thoughts on “Affordable Must Have Amazon Maternity Items for Summer!”

  1. I love these choices! When I was pregnant, I was the same way not wanting to spend tons of money at boutiques for maternity wear. I love how comfy most of these look! I’m getting baby-fever again ?

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