All you need to know about owning a white couch with kids.

All you Need to Know About Owning a White Couch with Kids!

If you had told me a few years ago that I would own a white couch AND have three kids, I would have told you that you were INSANE! Why would anyone put themselves through that? Well apparently I have lost my mind because we have a white couch, and yes we still have all three kids!All you need to know about owning a white couch with kids.

I did a lot of research and read ALOT of mom blogs before we made this decision. I went back and forth for months. After reading what other moms had to say that made the plunge, I decided to as well. I will tell you exactly why we decided to go with a white couch, which one we chose and why and how we care for it.

Why Did We Choose a White Couch?

In February of 2018 we moved into our newly built forever home. My husband and I designed it to be somewhat of a modern farmhouse. Of course during the process Instagram and Pinterest became my favorite sites to gather inspiration from.

I began to see all of these beautifully decorated homes with lived in, oversized white couches. They had plush throw blankets and tons of comfortable pillows strewn here and there.

I would admire from afar but knew this was not meant to be in our household with three rowdy kids. These accounts and pins HAD to be professionally staged and kids were  definitely not allowed near them. To MY surprise, many of the people who published the pictures DID have kids!

I pinterested ” white couch with kids” thinking surely this was a joke. However, I found so many articles and blogs from real moms who had white couches and why they PREFERRED to have them!

These were real people, with real messy kids and real pets. Once I read the reviews I was all in. My husband was, skeptical to say the least.

Which Couch Did We Buy?

Of all the couches people owned and raved about, IKEA’s Ektorp sectional won our affections.All you need to know about owning a white couch with kids.

What sold me on this particular couch was:

  • The fact that every cover would come off and was machine washable! Not just the couch cushions, I mean everything! I could even bleach them if necessary. (It is not recommended by the manufacturers to bleach the fabric covers as they say it can wear them down over time, however several moms stated they have done this and I can say I have as well and I have never had a problem.)
  •  Budget Friendly. Compared to other couches we were looking at it was super cheap. We had been through 2 other couches since my husband and I got married. We were never satisfied with the quality or comfort and they cost us alot of $$.
  • If the white slipcovers ever didn’t work out, IKEA has many other colors to choose from.
  • Like I said IKEA sells the slipcovers online so if I did need to buy another white slipcover at some point I could for a pretty low price point. (You can also get them on ebay or craigslist cheaper than IKEA sells them!)

We chose the Ektorp Sectional,  Ektorp Armchair and ottoman (sold separately.) I LOVE having the ottoman. The top comes off for generous storage inside and I can move it around from the chair to the couch depending on where we need it!All you need to know about owning a white couch with kids.

IKEA does offer a regular Ektorp couch and loveseat as well. You can even configure the couch to have a chaise option. However I would purchase the ottoman for versatility if you buy more than one piece of furniture.

  • Ektorp Sectional- 999.00 (cover 299.00)
  • Ektorp Couch- 599.00 (cover 249.00)
  • Ektorp Loveseat- 379.00 (cover 159.00)
  • Ektorp Armchair- 349.00 (cover 29.00)
  • Ottoman- 149.00 (cover 19.99)

How do I Really Keep it White?

I generally wash all my slipcovers every month to month and half. If there are spills or accidents (THERE WILL BE with kids and pets!) I will take off the stained cover and wash it by itself.

I love to spot treat mine with Oxyclean Gel Sticks or Oxyclean Laundry Stain Remover. I usually let it sit for a few minutes before I throw them in the wash.

I wash my slipcovers on the regular cycle with warm or hot water. I do bleach my covers every now and then, I try to only do this every 3-4 months. I add 1 cup of bleach to a large load with warm/hot water. Although it is not recommended, (see above) I have not had any problems doing so.

**IMPORTANT** When you dry the slipcovers, only dry them 50-60% . This will help you when you put them back on to stretch and give.

You can also spot treat stains without having to take anything off with a Tide Bleach Pen and a damp cloth.

Its Been a Year . . .

So how have my couches held up after a whole year?All you need to know about owning a white couch with kids.

I LOVE THEM! Hands down one of the best decisions we made for our new home. I literally have never owned such a comfortable couch. They have been easy to maintain and care for. They are easy to style! When the seasons change so does my décor and I can throw a different blanket or pillows on it and change the complete look of our living room.

The foam cushions have held their shape.

The slipcovers are in great condition, no rips and tears so far!

Anytime I have washed them, bleached them or spot treated them whatever the offending stain is has come out for the most part! Fruit juice from sippy cups, coffee, blood, doggy stains and . . . . my toddler literally pooped on the couch guys, and it came out!

If you are wanting to have that beautiful classic farmhouse look but think a white couch would never survive in your home, think again! If you don’t believe me, take a look at the links above and see what other mamas had to say! Are you brave enough to own a white couch?Owning a White Couch with Kids

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      Thank you! Its really not as bad as people think and IKEA takes it to a whole new level! Im glad I don’t have to compromise on personal style and the coziness of home with our kids!

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