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The Best Gifts for Pregnant Women : 2019 Holiday Gift Guide.

Do you have an expecting mama in your life? Are you looking for the perfect gift to wow her this holiday season?

Look no more! I have created the ultimate guide for the best gifts for pregnant women on ANY budget!

I should know, I just delivered my THIRD little boy in July so I know all about how to spoil and surprise the special mama in your life.

PLUS, if you want to know what an expecting mom REALLY wants make sure you read to the end!!

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Gifts 10 $ – 30 $

  • Mama mug 19.99$ That pregnancy exhaustion will be a little easier to bear with a cute mug in hand!
  • Compression Socks $25.99
  • Bump Box $34 This monthly subscription box is sure to spoil the mama to be with lots of goodies for each trimester!
  • Pregnancy Journal $31 This is a cute and non traditional pregnancy journal to keep track of memorable moments and can be a keepsake for baby later!
  • Milkology Course $19 Breastfeeding can be hard but it doesn’t have to be! Help mom learn everything she needs to know before baby arrives without leaving home!

Gifts $40 – $70

  • Fan $39.97 Mamas get hot, EVEN in the middle of winter! She will thank you forever for the gift of a cool breeze!
  • Caftan- Dwell & Slumber $62 Super cute site with TONS of options! Great for maternity, postpartum and nursing!

Those gifts are nice but what does a pregnant woman REALLY want but won’t ask for?!

Pregnancy can be exhausting. Give your mom-to-be the gift of REST with these 4 ideas!

Daily Harvest $75

Give a 9 cup box and mom can choose which of her favorite organic fruits and veggies she would like to fill it with and have it shipped directly to her door!

Hello Fresh $61 -$97

You can create a custom meal plan to fit her needs and cut down on the amount of time mom is in the kitchen on her feet and the stress of planning a meal!

Roomba $269

I know, it’s pricey, but what is PRICELESS is knowing you don’t have to be the one to clean the floors!

Maternity/Newborn Session

We all wish as moms that we could make time slow down and savor every moment. One way to do that is documenting the journey! Give mom the gift of a maternity or newborn photography session (both would be EVEN better!!) So she can remember these fleeting sweet moments! Price point will vary depending on your region and photographer but it is an investment that will last a lifetime!

Spa Package

Pregnancy comes with many aches and pains that we mamas willingly accept for our sweet babes but it definitely takes a toll on the body. Help mama relax with any service from a facial, prenatal massage, pedicure or manicure .

Happy Shopping!! I hope this gift guide gives you great practical gift ideas for the mama-to-be in your life PLUS items that will spoil her silly!

Do you have any ideas that should be on this guide but aren’t? Let me know in the comments below!

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