31/32 Week Bumpdate.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link. Hey guys! The weeks, my “threenager” and life are catching up with me. I decided to combine these two weeks of bumpdates because well, I’m running behind and life …

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30 Week Bumpdate

Guys, I feel like the countdown is ON! We are only a few short weeks away from meeting this precious soul and I cannot be more excited! How is baby: Baby is close to 17 inches and about the size of a cantaloupe according to Ovia. He is supposed to be putting about on about …

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29 week bumpdate

29 Week Bumpdate

How is baby: Baby is about 16 inches tall, weighs in at almost 3 lbs and is close to the size of a pineapple according to Ovia Pregnancy Tracker. Baby still has a lot of fat to accumulate over the next few weeks but as he continues to grow his movements may become less jerky …

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28 week bumpdate

28 week Bumpdate!

Hey guys! I wanted to start doing weekly bumpdates to document the rest of my pregnancy! Mainly for me because this pregnancy is flying by and I am NOT doing a very good job of making many memories! But ya know, they say it’s like that after the third or fourth. So If you are …

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