Summer Bucket List

Summer Activities Bucket List for Kids and Families (FREE Printable)

Summer is here you guys! School is out, pool is in!

Most Memorable Summer Bucket List

At our house summer means waking up without alarms, swimming for hours, lemonade, popsicles, sprinklers, beach trips late nights and slower days.

Summer is such a sweet time for us to be together without the hectic pace of school projects, sports and other commitments.

But somehow by the middle of summer I always hear . . . ” Mom, I’m bored!”,  “What are we doing today?”.  Keep your kids engaged and occupied with this summer bucket list sure to fill your days with sweet memories to cherish for a lifetime!

60+ Summer Bucket List Ideas

    1.  Plant a vegetable garden with your kids.
    2.  Bake a cake or cookies.
    3. Go Bowling.
    4. Go to the library.
    5. Draw on the sidewalk . . .leave inspirational messages for others!!
    6. Have a water balloon fight.
    7. Play with water guns!
    8. Have a picnic in the backyard for lunch.
    9. Have a day with random acts of kindness with your kids.
    10. Visit the different parks in your neighborhood.
    11. Teach your kids to write letters to relatives and mail them at the local post office.
    12. Make a goal to read #___ books per week.
    13. Go to the movies (many theaters offer reduced rates during summer!)
    14. Make homemade popsicles.
    15. Pick strawberries/blueberries.
    16. Eat ice cream for dinner.
    17. Tie-dye t-shirts.
    18.  Go to your local airport and watch planes take off at sunset.
    19. Make homemade lemonade.
    20. Go to the pool.
    21. Start a journal. You write and entry to your child and have them write back to you.
    22.  Go on a hike.
    23. Visit a waterpark.
    24. Make a birdfeeder.
    25. Play in the sprinklers.
    26. Roast marshmallows and make smores!
    27.  Find wildflowers and press them in a book. Frame them later to remember this summer.
    28. Put glowsticks in the bathtub.
    29. Make homemade ice cream.
    30. Plant a sunflower teepee.
    31. Have a homemade pizza night.
    32. Play tag at night with flashlights.
    33. Go fishing.
    34. Paint rocks with encouraging messages and leave them around town for others to find!
    35. Take a day trip to the beach.
    36. Make DIY moon sand.
    37. Make fruit cabobs and dip them in melted chocolate.
    38. Visit relatives.
    39. Play in the rain.
    40. Take a trip to the zoo.
    41. Have a family game night.
    42. Learn to play your child’s favorite video game.
    43. Make family movies.
    44. See a drive in movie.
    45. Play charades together.
    46. Go camping.
    47. Teach your child to cook.
    48. Stargaze in the backyard.
    49. Go to a museum.
    50. Play on a slip n slide.
    51. Make an obstacle course in the backyard and have a family competition.
    52. Make ice cream floats.
    53. Grow strawberries in a pot.
    54. Catch fireflies.
    55. Play mini golf.
    56. Eat watermelon.
    57. Check your community calendar for upcoming events.
    58. Watch fireworks.
    59. Have a BBQ.
    60. Color with your child.
    61. Fly a kite.
    62. Learn a new board game/card game.
    63. Build a fort in the living room with sheets.
    64. Volunteer at an animal shelter.

Tubby Todd

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Summer Bucket List Printable.

This list is sure to give you great ideas to kick off a summer to remember!

Summer Bucket List

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