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The Ultimate List of Outdoor Toys for Toddlers on Amazon

I made it a goal this summer to spend more time with my kids outdoors, even if it was only a few minutes each day.

Ultimate List of Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

My older kids can pretty much entertain themselves and find things to do on their own. They have bikes, can go explore, we have a pond to fish in or ride my son’s go-kart.

For my toddler it is a little harder to keep him entertained for any length of time. Plus, I’m in my third trimester and I live in Georgia. It’s REALLY HOT here. I found that he needs a few things he can play with on his own so mama can sit in the shade for a few minutes.

Tubby Todd

Here is a list of the BEST outdoor toys for toddlers on Amazon!

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Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table

We have this exact table. The price is very reasonable and it will keep my toddler entertained for a LONG time. Plus its perfect for the days when sticky popsicles melt quickly outdoors and you don’t feel like cleaning them up. Toddlers splash water everywhere = popsicle mess GONE!

Step 2 Up and Down Roller Coaster

My son got this exact roller coaster for his second birthday and has loved every minute of it! The best part is, if you have enough room indoors, this could double as an indoor/outdoor toy!

Step 2 Neat and Tidy Cottage

This outdoor playhouse is awesome! It has a doorbell the kids can ring (and they will all. the. time) a grill and sink for imaginary play, a seat by the grill/sink combo, I really liked it because it has a solid bottom and the kids wouldn’t be in the grass. I didn’t want to worry about ants or other bugs and uninvited guest getting in that way. The window on the side opens up and the kids LOVE to play peek a boo with it!

Splash Mat

This is super easy to set up and my kids younger and older alike love it! Sometimes you have to adjust where and how the water sprays so it stays on the kids and not in the grass but overall its not a big deal. You can turn the water pressure up a big for a large fountain or dial it back for the littles!


Bubble Blowers


I have never had much luck with bubble machines lasting long so this summer we got a few bubble guns since my toddler is now old enough to pull their trigger. It was an instant success and he fell in love with it!

Little Tikes Swing

If you have a nice shaded tree to hang this gem in it you will not regret this purchase! It has been known on occasion to put my toddler to sleep after a few minutes of swinging! MOM WIN!

Step 2 Push Around Buggy GT

This is great when mama needs to get moving and your toddler wont stop moving! Your toddler will feel like they are driving you around while you are keeping them contained and occupied!

Sidewalk Chalk Rollers

These are super fun and easy to use! They are easy for toddlers to grasp and use to create their own mini masterpieces! 

Little Tikes Basketball Set

This is so great for hand/eye coordination! Plus my toddler loves to pretend he is a big boy like his older brother who plays sports so this is an easy way to make him feel a part of that!

Kid’s Seesaw

This would be fantastic for a playdate at the house or if you had multiple littles!

I hope this list helps you have loads of fun this summer!

Ultimate list of Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

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